9 June 2014

Robocop Technology: fiction versus reality

I watched Robocop over the weekend - not as bad as it could have been. The most interesting thing was how scarily close we are to some of the technology that's deemed Sci-Fi.  A few articles below.

Robocop trailer http://www.robocop.com/

World cup

The opening ceremony for the world cup will include a paraplegic wearing a mechanical exoskeleton controlled by the brain.

The Iron Man-like suit a paraplegic will wear to kick first ball of the World Cup, created by Brazilian scientist Miguel Nicolel

Google buying up robotics companies like there's no tomorrow

Google has seen the future and it seems it is full of robots. Expect some pretty out there innovations in the robotics space in years to come.
Meet Google's Robot Army. It's Growing.

Neural control of limbs

There are also some amazing advances in prosthetic limbs - allowing the wearer to do more and more via brain control, and connection into existing nerve endings.

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